Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HOUSE DIVIDED! Palm Pre vs. HTC Hero!

Those who follow me on Twitter know... I'm a Palm Pre fanboy.

My wife?  A bonafide iPhone fan.  Try as I might to explain to her why the iPhone is worth leaving, ultimately it was Benjamin Franklin who made the strongest case: thanks to Sprint's low rates and their Any Mobile, Anytime feature, we were able to dump our landline for good and save over two grand over two years. Not chump change.

Casting aside my strong recommendation that she get a Palm Pre, my wife instead opted to get the HTC Hero.  The reason?  She actually wanted a virtual keyboard, because it would be the closest thing to her precious iPhone.  The Palm fanboy in me was disappointed, but the geek in me was overjoyed.  And hey, with Sprint's 30 day return policy, if she didn't like  the Hero, she could switch to the Palm Pre, a phone she already knew well...  thanks to yours truly never shutting up about it! 

So how did the HTC Hero fare against "The Pre-cious?" Read on to find out.