Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Palm Pre and Pixi for TOTAL Beginners!

A while back, I wrote an article titled "How to: Get Ringtones on your Palm Pre."  It had a lot of good stuff on there about... well, setting up ringtone! I also wrote about simple, safe, and easy fixes for the Palm Pre's most common problems.  But as I helped beginners with their Palm Pre's, I noticed how lot of people felt TOTALLY LOST on doing even the most BASIC functions (like copy/paste... hello?), even after having owned it for a while!

Fear not, friends, because TOTALLY PALMED is your mejor amigo. ... That's "best friend" in Spanish...... never mind.  Read on after the break to learn how to do the most basic things with your Pre.  (P.S. These lessons can apply to the Pixi as well!)

How-to: Erase Your Palm Pre and Palm Pixi

Sometimes in life, you just gotta go back to a fresh start... a clean slate... a new beginning... square one... tabula raza... you get the idea.  Being a Palm Pre owner since June 2009, I can tell you that this certainly applies to webOS devices. Those of you "in the know" are aware that you can do many cool things with webOS homebrew... you can make the Pre look like a Blackberry, for example.  You can patch the Pre to hang up when you close the slider.  All very cool stuff, but I noticed that after getting carried away with patches (I used upwards of 30!), my "Precious" was really starting to slow down.

Many of you have noted that your Palm Pre has slowed down dramatically since Palm's infamous 1.3.1 update.  While this update provided us with cool things under the hood (laying the groundwork for Flash, video recording), on the surface many felt like they were robbed of some of the Pre's snappiness and stability.  And we can't have that!

Fear not friends, because TOTALLY PALMED is on the case!  More after the break...

Friday, December 11, 2009

"The Palm Pre is no iPhone Killer..." Blah, blah, blah.

The moment Palm birthed the Pre into this world, it was immediately thrust into the shadow of a giant. Much like David facing Goliath, Palm's Pre stood toe-to-toe with Apple's colossal iPhone.  Although this analogy has been used time and again, people - including those who should know better! - expected the Pre to be a Goliath from the outset.

Well, it's not.  Try a pre-pubescent David with zits, and you wouldn't be far off.  Tired and seemingly hopeless biblical references aside, I think that Palm is in pretty good shape.

Allow me to explain my logic here...  after the break!